Saturday, February 05, 2005

Light, Shadows & Superman

The wierdest of connections happened today. Firstly I went for confession before mass at CTK. But even though the priest absolved me of my sins, I still didn't feel at peace. It just kept bugging me whether I was repentent, but yet I know I was going to sin again.

But then the first reading gave me some consolation. Even though I had read the passage before mass, I must admit, that I did not notice the last few lines. But yet when the lector read it, it struck me so much that I had to flip the missal to read it again.

If you do away with the yoke, the clenched fist, the wicked word,
if you give your bread to the hungry, and relief to the oppressed,
your light will rise in the darkness, and your shadows become like noon.
And since I knew that the focus for this week at SFX at least was "light of the world" and the lumen gentium documents, I guess it's the Holy Spirit that inspired me to focus instead on the darkness and shadows. And as I read the passage again, it struck me, that it doesn't say that the darkness disappears. It says that the "shadows become like noon". And at noon we still have shadows, just that because the sun is overhead, the shadows will be the smallest, but still there. And I'm not sure if I'm being theologically correct, but for me, especially in my unrest after confession, it told me that while I'm here on earth, I just have to strive to make my shadow the smallest. I can't be perfect and in full light, that only happens in heaven. And the way to make the it noon, would be to "do away with the yoke, the clenched fist, the wicked word, give your bread to the hungry, and relief to the oppressed" Which was kind of what the priest gave me for my penance, to do a good deed. Wow!

Then I came home, the tv was on, as I was going to start dinner, I realised that they were showing Superman 1. One of my classic movies from my childhood. Sure now the effects and all can't compare to present day movies, but at that time, it was the best. Anyway, I missed the first 45 mins, and superman had just discovered the crystals which his parents left him. And they were telling him why he was on earth. And then the last words Superman's father told him made me think that the creator of superman had to be catholic. Then again like at mass, I had to re-read the words again, just that this time luckily for the internet, I found the script online.

Firstly, Superman's name is Kal-El, his father's name is Jor-El. And the name "El" means God which is why the archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael's names end with El. And then the words from the movie, could almost seem like God talking to Jesus.
They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all - their capacity for good - I have sent them you. My only son.
It seems so fitting to this sunday's mass theme. We were living in darkness, and God sent His son, to be our light, to show us the way. And as I read more of the script, there were many other things which the father told superman, about virtues, humility, ethics. Gone are the days where movies promoted good values.

So do good, let the light of Christ shine in my life, so that my shadows shrink away. Be that light and spread to others. Hmm... maybe it is time to read Lumen Gentium.

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