Monday, February 21, 2005

2 Different Leaderships

Doing my nightly reflections on the next days readings, I realised that the Gospel for the 2nd Tues of Lent (Mt 23:1-12) and the First Reading for the Feast of the Chair of Peter (1Pet 5:1-4) both have the same theme of leading God's people.

The Gospel was Jesus admonishing the scribes and pharisees, who have the role of leaders of the jewish community, but yet do not practice what they preach, lay heavy burdens, and looking for personal honour and recognition.

In contrast, the reading from St Peter, tells us what Christian leadership is about. "Be shepherds of the flock", "not as a duty, but gladly", "not for shameful profit, but eagerly", "Never be a dictator, but be an example that the whole flock can follow."

And I guess for me, there is always the fear of being pharisaical. Focusing on the letter of the law, not the spirit. To be able to lead with a simple, humble and contrite heart. To bring people to God, not build barriers.

This needs lots of self-reflection and prayer. God help me.

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