Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ask & Listen

Today's two passages gave me stuff to think of about prayer.

First the Gospel of the day "Ask, Search, Knock" (Mt 7:7-12) assures us that our "heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him". And so we have only to ask and he will answer us.

Then at the Ex-Co meeting, the passage was on the Transfiguration (Mt 17:1-9) and the words from vs 5 struck me "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him." Especially the "listen to him", which kind of complemented the gospel reading.

Prayer is a conversation with God, and so while the asking is one way, it is also very important to listen to God. Something that I constantly Not do when I pray. Its always about, "Lord, can you do this and can you do that." Even when I ask "What do you want me to do about this?" before He can answer, I'm off thinking about the solution, and saying "You want me to do this right?"

And I just realised that the topic for this week's formation is : Having a relationship with Christ - Prayer/Worship. How apt.

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