Sunday, June 03, 2007


When I found out that this blog is featured in this week's Catholic News together with the blogs of Fr Aloysius Ong, Fr Christopher Soh and God's Rhinos, my first reaction, was oh no...the blog has not been updated for a really long time. I've been really busy since the last post, with the vocation retreat, metaphysics, history of philosophy and scripture assignments due, and hebrew exam coming up next week.

Oh my, just found out from the malaysian brothers that a similar article was published in The Herald, the malaysian version of Catholic News. You can find that article at this website. I will post link to the Catholic News article when it is uploaded on the website.

With all this publicity,I think that I better post an update on this site to show that it is still alive.

1) The Vocation Retreat was a big success, we had an overwhelming 53 young men who came to find out more how God is calling them to serve Him in His kingdom. Thanks for the prayers, especially the one all the way from Japan.

2) I've updated the links on this blog, to include those of the priests featured, and a few other friends/groups who use blogs to spread the wonders that God is working in their lives.

3) Do keep us seminarians in your prayers as they finish up their assignments and sit for their exams this coming week.

4) And lastly, do pray for us seminarians in the month of june, some who will be going for their retreat, and others like myself who will be going for our pastoral work, that God will continue to bless us with His grace, and that we will be powerful witnesses of His Good News to all we encounter.

The next post will most probably be when I'm in St Joseph's Home for my pastoral. Will share more on what God reveals to me there.


Anonymous said...

Haha... thats how i got to know about your blog...from it and keep it updated!

Vincent said...

Hello brother!
How are you? Let us pray for each others! All of you are definitely in my prayers.
I will have my final exam from 14-22 June.

Hopefully, this will be my last exam & thus, I can graduate this year.

God Bless,
V. Paulus

guntrain said...

Keep up the blog in spreading the Good News. Your blog is also linked to our group blog at Cheerio. Gerard

pinto said...

Seminarians blogging and priests podcasting. It's wonderful, and I hope the CN article has awakened local Catholics to the load of good content out there.